What time does the UFC start tonight and where you can tune it?

UFC main event start time

The chaotic world of MMA has grown to become one of the most popular sports in the world. Over the years, the sport has seen many changes that made it suitable for a broad audience. And today, UFC events are held and broadcasted all around the globe. UFC is a short time event, to know each fight start time is a challenge. Here you can spend a little time to know what is the actual official time for each cart especially the main event, what TV streaming they have, pay per view (PPV) costs, learn what are those.

Millions of fans both in the US and in the outside world have a lot of ways how to watch live UFC events. Many online platforms and TV networks have a license to broadcast UFC events. So it has never been easier to watch UFC events live or on the demand.

But there’s always confusion about when the UFC events actually start? In this article, we’ll bring you all you need to know about at what time the UFC at your place, no matter where you live.

It doesn’t matter if the event is in the UFC APEX center or Fight Island, you can find all information you need in our article.

What time does the UFC start in the US?

As most of you already know, the UFC holds the vast majority of its events in the United States. Whether it’s a Fight Night or a pay-per-view event, the majority of PPV buys come from the US audience.

UFC events take place always on Saturday night and around the same time. The following hours also include the events at the both UFC APEX center and UFC Fight Island:

  • Early prelims – 6 p.m. ET (you can watch the fights free on UFC Fight Pass, ESPN, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN+)
  • Official prelims – 8 p.m. ET (only on ESPN, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN+)
  • Main card – 10 p.m. ET (ESPN+ and PPV)
  • Main Events – 12:15 a.m. ET (ESPN+ and PPV)

How much does UFC PPV cost in the United States?

UFC fans based in the US can watch their favorite UFC fights via ESPN+. Since 2019, ESPN has been the official broadcaster of all UFC events, including the pay-per-view ones. To watch the events, you must have an active ESPN+ subscription that will cost you 5.99$ per month or $59.99 per year. The annual option is better because it gives you two months free. However, you still need to pay extra money to watch the UFC’s pay-per-view events and the price is around $69.99 per single event.

But there is a much better option as ESPN offers a special ESPN+PPV bundle. This bundle allows you to watch the upcoming pay-per-view event for a regular price of $69.99 and one year of ESPN+ for $89.99.

The second option is to watch the UFC fights on UFC Fight Pass. Fight Pass is the official UFC’s online streaming platform. You subscribe for $9.99 per month or go for the annual option for $95.99. However, you still need to pay extra money for every PPV event ($69.99).

What time does the UFC start in the UK?

  • Early prelims – 11 p.m. GMT
  • Prelims – 1 a.m. GMT
  • Main Card – 3 a.m. GMT
  • Main Events – 5:15 a.m. GMT

Like the whole of Europe, UK, and Ireland fans must watch the biggest UFC events at night. The coverage usually starts with the early prelims at 11:00 p.m. (UK Time). The official prelims start approximately an hour later at 2:00 AM and the main card is usually set for 4:00 AM. The same stands for the UFC Fight Island events and the ones in the APEX center.

How to watch UFC in the UK?

You can watch all the UFC events live on the BT Sports network. The best thing about it is that BT Sports includes both early and official prelims you can watch for free. And this is something you won’t find in other countries.

If you are already a member of the BT Broadband, you just need to add BT TV Sport to your existing subscription for just £15.00 per month. Or, you can choose to add the “Big Sport” package that comes at the £40.00 price per month. “Big sport” includes BT Sports and more than 10 other sports channels.

The second option is to use the BT Sports online streaming platform or BT Sport app to watch the matches. First, you must subscribe and pay around £25 per month. And the PPV events will cost you more money, around £65 per event.

UFC start time in Canada (CA)?

In Canada, you can watch early prelims for free on UFC Fight Pass and TSN and the action starts are 7 PM ET. The preliminary card kicks off at 8 PM ET and the main card follows at 10 PM ET.

How to watch UFC events in Canada?

The UFC fans in Canada have many options on how to watch the UFC events both online and through cable networks. As fans in the US, Canadians can also subscribe to the UFC Fight Pass online platform for CAD 10 per month and watch the UFC PPV events for CAD 64.99.

When it comes to television, there are many cable networks you can choose between to watch UFC events. We are bringing you the full list below and the price of pay-per-view events is CAD 69.99 per event.

  • Bell Canada
  • Rogers Network
  • Shaw
  • Telus
  • Eastlink

What time does the UFC start Australia?

  • Early prelims – 7 a.m. AUST
  • Prelims – 8 a.m. AUST
  • Main Card – 10 aM AUST
  • Main Events – 12:15 p.m. AUST

How to watch UFC fights in Australia?

If you are from Australia or you just find yourself being in the land down under, you can watch your favorite UFC fights using various online and cable networks. The official broadcaster and ESPN’s partner in Australia are Kayo Sports. And, you can also use the popular MainEvent.au streaming platform.

Kayo Sports offers only two packages with the basic one coming at $25 per month and the premium that costs you $35. We believe the premium option is better because it offers multi-screen support. You can split the $35 price between your friends and watch the events for a really low price.

The second option you can use is the MainEvent.au streaming platform. Even though it offers online services, MainEvent is also a part of the Foxtel TV network so you can watch the UFC matches on TV as well. To watch the matches, just go to the MainEvent website here, choose the event you want to watch, and pay around $54 per event.

What time does the UFC start in New Zealand?

  • Early prelims – 8 a.m. NZ
  • Prelims – 9 a.m. NZ
  • Main Card – 11 a.m. NZ
  • Main Events – 12 p.m. NZ

How to watch UFC in New Zealand?

The official broadcaster of the UFC events in New Zealand is the Sky Arena network and you must have an active subscription to one of their packages. The second option is to watch the fights using UFC Fight Pass online streaming platform.

Unlike in most other countries, fans in New Zealand can watch the events at a very low cost of just $39.95. Further, the Sky network is very big and they offer various packages. However, if you are heavy into the UFC, then their Sky Sports package is perfect for you and it comes at around $31.99 per month.

Also, you can subscribe to the UFC Fight Pass streaming platform for $9.99 per month. For this price, you are getting access to the UFC prelims only. To watch the main card, you have to pay extra.

UFC start time in Germany, Spain, or Italy?

In Germany, you can watch the early prelims through UFC Fight Pass online platform and the fights start around 12 a.m. CEST. As always, the preliminary card follows at 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. CEST, and the main event is usually set to take place at 4 a.m. CEST.

How to watch UFC in Germany, Spain, or Italy?

If you are living in one of these three countries or you are on vacation, we have great news! You can watch the UFC events using DAZN online service. DAZN is a very popular global sports streaming platform and one of the cheapest ways you can watch UFC fights.

To watch the UFC events, you must subscribe to the DAZN service and choose one of their two packages. The first option is to choose a monthly subscription that costs 11.99 EUR ($14), or you can save a bit of cash by going for an annual option that comes at 120 EUR ($140).

This is by far one of the cheapest ways you can watch UFC fights because, for this price, DAZN covers all UFC events, including a PPV.