How to watch UFC Main Card on Kodi with a VPN

How to Watch UFC on Kodi

Every Saturday night is known as UFC fight night and a pay per view event per month. The UFC always tries to arrange a PPV event each month continuously and this type of event you can watch on Kodi. This guide will help you with the best ways to watch UFC main card including the main event on Kodi.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) commands a considerable number of fans internationally. It’s one of the most prevalent mixed martial arts contests. The difficulty that emerges is that the enthusiasts are from all across the globe, whereas the event is broadcast in only explicit nations, on particular stations. Worst of all, the stations are geo-jammed, implying it’s unfortunate if you aren’t in these nations. However, why should you be left out of all the action when you can utilize Kodi to watch UFC? What needs to be done is matching Kodi with a VPN plus unblock area-locked content and stations devoid of actually moving to any of those states. The way-out is practical and modest.

CAUTION: Ensure to Utilize a VPN While Employing Kodi!

Kodi Enforces Geo-Constraints:

Many Kodi add-ons are constrained to only some countries. The add-ons can stop accessibility to their content by inspecting an IP address, meaning that you are left out of a vast media library. The VPN remedies this issue by offering you a virtual IP address related to a different republic. For that objective, it is endorsed finding a United Kingdom or an American IP address – as the mainstream of Kodi add-ons are limited to the two nations.

Your ISP is watching all Your Web Activities:

Devoid of VPNs, the ISP gathers all your Internet information. This comprises the Internet search history, whichever websites you visit, plus every media streaming service you used. Kodi is a media streaming app, which suggests that many people shall face ISP-forced regulation, consequently. By concealing the Internet traffic through VPN services, you ensure that the ISP does not discern your online activities– and delight in the high-speed Internet connection.

Your Gadget’s Security is Being Put at Risk:

Be cautious regarding the Kodi add-ons you want to be installed. 3rd party sources might habitually lead to crypto Trojans and malware, misusing your private info and resources on your gadget. With that in mind, discern that VPNs lessen the danger of viruses by implementing site bans. They do not entirely end malicious software; they can obstruct access to sinister sites by employing habitually-updated listings of unsafe sites (sold by anti-virus vendors). That’s incredibly convenient in the illegal world of Kodi add-ons.

Using VPNs to Watch UFC on Kodi

Are you afraid of getting nabbed streaming UFC bouts on Kodi or other 3rd party add-ons? Employ a VPN with Kodi to stream all your preferred UFC night live without paying a dime! Streaming UFC on Kodi using third party add-ons is dangerous and can bring you lots of trouble. To guarantee your Internet security, employ a Kodi VPN to become safe and anonymous from legal dilemmas. Not everybody shall be able to watch the competition live. And while the event shall be live-streamed in designated countries through handpicked stations, do not fret it’s conceivable with Kodi VPN to spectate the event live from the luxury of your home, from wherever on the planet.

Setting up and Installing Planet MMA on Kodi

The Planet MMA add-on is amid the leading Kodi add-ons obtainable for usage. It not only aids to live stream each UFC bout, but one can likewise stream movies, UFC documentaries, and replays too.

UFC On Kodi: Here’s how to Livestream UFC On Kodi

  • Subscribe to
  • Configure ExpressVPN on Kodi
  • Change IP location to UK or US with the help of the VPN
  • To install Planet MMA Addon for Kodi, you should initially incorporate the Supremacy Repository. This is how to go about it:
  • Enjoy UFC streaming via Kodi without any hassle.

Note: The build getting employed here is Kodi version 17.6 “Krypton”; likewise, the content is state-locked; thus, a VPN for UFC is indispensable. You can also learn how streaming works on your favorite devices.

How To Set Up Planet MMA on Kodi

  • Get Kodi launched plus move to System
  • Head to File Manager
  • Hit twice on the Add Source button on your left side
  • Click “None”
  • Key in this link in the field
  • Name it “Sup”
  • Tap Okay
  • Go back to your home screen and move to add-ons
  • Hit on the “Unbox” image on the top left corner”
  • Choose “Install from the zip file”
  • Now choose the “sup” file
  • Choose the files in this order “repository.supremacy-x.x>”
  • Stay put for the “Add-on Installed” alert to arise in your screen’s top-right corner.
  • Move one step back plus choose “Install from repository”
  • Choose Supremacy
  • Head to Video Add-ons
  • Click Planet MMA
  • Hit the “Install” tab
  • Await for the ”Planet MMA Add-on “Installed” alert to emerging in your screen’s top right corner.
  • Move to Add-ons plus click on Planet MMA to blastoff the add-on
  • In case the add-on does not run, that is owing to geo-blocking problems. The resolution is a Kodi VPN


It’s strongly encouraged to run a VPN whenever utilizing Kodi to certify that your government and/or ISP does not see your streaming action.

Planet MMA is at present set up on Kodi, and that is it. Now you can wait for the event as Planet MMA shall upload operational links to UFC contests. That implies the live streaming UFC on Kodi is now possible from anywhere! The chances are that you may get a DMCA warning in case you live stream UFC matches on Kodi or other 3rd party add-ons.

Watch UFC Online With UFC Fight Pass

If you want to watch UFC live stream via Kodi using the UFC Fight Pass you need to follow:

  • Connect to.
  • Navigate to UFC Fight Pass and log in/sign up for an account.

DAZN (Where can you get, access, and what content be streamed through DAZN?)

Download Kodi’s authorized repository. Accessible in America, Brazil, Canada, and several European nations (Austria, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland). You can stream live UFC happenings, in addition to lots of innovative programming. Short of any hesitation, DAZN is amongst the most prevalent sporting streaming services in numerous states. This podium is obtainable in Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, United States, Brazil, and Canada. Consequently, if you are in whichever of those regions, discern that you have a steadfast place for all the UFC-associated requirements. Indeed, you can as well watch DAZN from anyplace globally via VPN services.

Note that DAZN has been using lots of cash enticing UFC fights to their podium (in handpicked nations), and the trend is anticipated to go on forward. It portrays that through DAZN, viewers can stream live UFC proceedings along with original programmings – such as Road to Octagon, The Ultimate Fighter, Countdown, and more. And as the DAZN Kodi add-on is endorsed merchandise of this program, you can likewise suppose this add-on to have the same content as on DAZN’s site. Therefore, it is apparent that DAZN is today the best Kodi add-on for viewing UFC bouts.

The DAZN Kodi add-on Installation Procedure

The DAZN add-on can be effortlessly installed straight from the approved Kodi add-on repository. Below is the process of DAZN installation on Kodi:

  • From the Kodi home screen hit on the Video add-ons tab
  • Then, click “Install from repository”
  • Find the Kodi add-on repository, next click the Video add-ons
  • Search the DAZN add-on, next, click Install
  • You shall get the DAZN add-on from Kodi’s home screen > Video add-ons
  • Long-press/Right-click the DAZN add-on to input the username plus access code

Now you will be able to load whichever obtainable DAZN streams. The trouble with DAZN might be that various VPNs services shall not work whenever linked to VPN servers in Italy, Spain, or Germany. For those having issues with getting IPVanish or other VPNs to access the Italian, Spanish or German version of the website via Kodi, it’s endorsed you attempt other VPNs or use the PPV alternative. Since DAZN free trials in America were eradicated, this is not anymore a selection for United States fight devotees to have free accessibility to the necessary event. Though, subscribing for 30 days of DAZN in the United States and employing a VPN is inexpensive than remunerating for UFC Pay-Per-View.

Extra Possibilities

UFC must be accessible in America, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and Italy, Canada, plus numerous other places overseas. With UFC Fight Pass and a VPN, you must be able to have access to the whole contest, counting the Prelims, even if DAZN is the only selection to view on Kodi. Nonetheless, if you need to watch the event outside of Kodi, we have several added possibilities, particularly for those in the United States. You might need to inspect the everyday streaming guide on the manner to view UFC for extra particulars on wherein and how to watch the event.