How can you watch UFC 253 PPV on iPhone and iPad

How to watch UFC 253 on iPhone and iPad

Happening on September 26, 2020, UFC 253 is expected one of the most awaited events in the MMA history. It is an event that will take place at Yas Island, starting at 10:00 PM ET and available for viewing to all ESPN+ subscribers. The main event will be between Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa, featuring several other competitors. It is expected to feature thrilling and exciting fights, thus, missing it will not be an option for all UFC fights lovers. You might be wondering about “how to watch UFC 253 on iPhone and iPad devices.” If this is you, this article gives you an ultimate guide on how you can go about the process inside and outside the US alongside an approximate cost.

How to watch UFC 253 through ESPN+ on iPhone/iPad

Watching UFC 253 using your iPhone or iPad will give you a high level of flexibility. For you to access UFC fights using any of the two devices, there are a couple of steps that one will need to follow. These include;

Download and install the ESPN app into your iPhone or iPad device. For a chance to download, use the following steps;

  • Use the App Store on your device.
  • On the search box, enter ESPN.
  • Click on “get” then “Install” and then use your Apple ID and the password offered.
  • Launch the app, and log in to your account. If you don’t have a subscription, hit the sign-up option.
  • Now that you have an account select the event of your interest and make a purchase. You will need to purchase UFC 253.
  • Start the PPV and choose the event purchased.
  • Enjoy the fight live on your iPhone and iPad devices. Note that you can access both Main Card (ESPN+PPV) and prelims (ESPN+).

How much does the UFC 253 pay-per-view cost?

Analysis of the cost structure, it appears confusing than it has been in the past. There are three options that viewers can select from based on their membership. First, all existing yearly ESPN+ subscribers will order the event at $65. The ESPN+ monthly subscribers have the option of upgrading their accounts to annual plans. After this, they have a choice between spending $85 to buy and plan UFC PPV or buy the ability to watch UFC PPV at $65. For the new subscribers, they only have a single option. That is, purchase one UFC PPV event bundle alongside an ESPN+ subscription at the cost of $85. The auto-renew plans in the future will happen at an average price every year.

How to watch UFC 253 outside the US

Watching UFC fights while in the US it is easy, but you will need some extra efforts once you’re outside the country. The two websites that you can count on include Sling TV and UFC Fight Pass, but you will experience restricted access. That is so as ESPN+ blocks users who are outside the US from making any views. For a chance to use these websites, you will have to use an.

ExpressVPN offers VPN services, which are different from copyright circumvention. It changes the user’s IP address giving one an American residence. The VPN must have its servers located in the US. It must have unlimited bandwidth and operate at a high speed. The best thing with ExpressVPN services is giving you the best streaming experience as a user. With this link’s help, , you can order the best VPN that you can rely on and get access to UFC 253.

Why you can’t watch with a VPN on iPhone and iPad?

If you using iPhone and iPad from outside the US you can not watch UFC 253 live streaming on these devices for GPS location blackout restrictions despite using a VPN. Because a VPN can hide your approximate location, it can not connect the iPhone and iPad’s GPS with the US location, both devices not compatible with VPN apps.

However, it would help if you considered reading through ExpressVPN terms and conditions before using their services. That will help your future challenges in using their services, thus enhancing your experience with the company.

If you plan to watch every event in UFC 253, now you have a complete guide on how you can do it on your iPhone and iPad. You also know how you can access the fights if you live outside the US without committing to ESPN. With just a few days to September 9, 2020, it is high time you get a plan. Prepare in advance, and you’ll love every bit of UFC 253, without missing anything. If you wondered, “how to watch UFC 253 on iPhone and iPad devices”, now you have a complete guide on the process.