How to watch UFC 254 Nurmagomedov vs. Gaethje reddit stream

UFC 254 has been a long-awaited martial arts fight as it will act as an event headliner, especially after previous fights such as UFC 253 were canceled and rescheduled. It will be thrilling to see Nurmagomedov take on Gaethje. It might be one of the tough martial arts wrestling fights as both athletes are reasonably talented.

Although there have been rumors that Nurmagomedov was going to retire from the fighting, the president of the UFC Dana White confirmed that he would fight Gaethje in October. Nurmagomedov’s father died due to complications related to coronavirus, and this affected the athlete deeply. But he hopes that he will get back to the field to fight his opponent and win the fight.

When is Nurmagomedov vs. Gaethje fight?

Nurmagomedov vs. Gaethje on UFC 254 as a headline of the fight card is set to date on 31 October, location yet to be determined (Maybe on Fight Island in the UAE).

UFC 254

UFC 254 is a martial arts event that features Nurmagomedov vs. Gaethje and is produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC event will take place on 31st October 2020 at a TBD location. The martial art event will act as an event headliner, and it is briefly linked to UFC 253, which was placed five weeks earlier as its initial date did not materialize.

UFC 254 Reddit Stream

According to UFC 254 Reddit stream, the fight is highly unpredictable as it involves two highly skilled fighters. Khabib is a champion, while Gaethje is an upcoming fighter whose skills cannot be undermined. The outcome of UFC 254 will depend on the preparation done by both Khabib and Gaethje. It is not easy to foretell the outcome, especially when both athletes have their own set of skills that could be applied to subdue the opponent quickly. The martial skills of both athletes differ, and this makes the fight more complicated, and it will be fun to watch both athletes take on each other in the field.

After successfully fighting Ferguson, Justin Gaethje is set to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 254 on October 31. Khabib holds the lightweight title and will have to defend it against Nurmagomedov, who is almost an equal opponent. At first, Khabib would have taken Fergusson, but the game was canceled, and Gaethje stepped in and worn the game. This victory against Ferguson puts Gaethje at a favorable place in the UFC 254, and there is a high chance that he might win against Khabib.

What 3 Ways to Watch Nurmagomedov vs. Gaethje Reddit Stream

• Reddit UFC stream

You can find everything covering UFC fights on the MMA subreddit platform, and here you can stream the UFC 254. You should rejoice as you will not miss any action on the fight, and you have to sign up on the site, and here you get the videos of the fight. You do not only get the UFC 254 fight but any other exciting fights on the platform. You should check for MMA streams on the subreddit platform, which relate to the UFC 254, and you will get free links to watch the fight.

• ESPN +

ESPN+ is a new live-stream platform that has been an official partner for UFC, and it will likely live-stream the fight. You will subscribe to ESPN+ at only $5 and get the live-stream of the UFC 254 fight. The ESPN+ has quality videos, and it is an official platform, and it does not have any crib to their service.

• UFC Mobile App and UFC Pass

UFC Mobile App is official and is a one-stop source for current UFC events, and you could access UFC streaming on the app. Prices on the mobile app may vary depending on different subscriptions. You would get a UFC pass, which allows you to stream almost all games in the UFC championship.

Khabib vs. Ferguson

The fight was set against Fergusson on UFC 249, which could take place at the beginning of the year, was called off due to the coronavirus pandemic. The fight, moreover, has been canceled five times since 2015 due to injuries and illnesses. Gaethje, however, replaced Nurmagomedov and fought Fergusson, and he won the fifth and the final round, thus securing the interim lightweight title.

The UFC 254 championship bout will be a thrilling fight as Nurmagomedov will take on Gaethje, and both martial art wrestling athletes are reasonably talented. Although Nurmagomedov is a champion taking on Gaethje might be a task, especially that Gaethje is an upcoming wrestler who has his own set of skills. Both these athletes have different martial arts skills and fighting capabilities, and winning the match will depend on how well they prepare for it.

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