UFC Pay per view: How can I watch UFC PPV from anywhere

Most of the time you realize that you were too busy and you missed out on your favorite show like MMA event. Did you know that with pay per view you can actually get to watch what you missed out on? UFC Pay per view also known as pay per click is a kind of private television where you get to buy events or programs which you can view on your own private telecast. The only difference is that the number of people who have bought that event will be able to watch it at the same time. It’s like how you all watch the news at the same time, you can actually watch the same news at a different time.

How much is a UFC 252 PPV?

The main PPV event costs $64.99/monthly plan for existing ESPN+ subscribers and if you are new you need to purchase ESPN+ and PPV to watch UFC 252 live stream.

How much is UFC PPV ESPN Plus?

PPV cost is $64.99 per UFC event and ESPN+ costs at $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. So if you want to watch UFC 252 Miocic vs Cormier 3 you just need to buy PPV and ESPN plus TV channel.

What is the next UFC pay per view?

Upcoming UFC 252 main events between TBD will take place on Saturday, August 15, 2020, and the location at the UFC APEX facility in Las Vega. The full schedule is coming available soon.

Can I watch UFC PPV events from outside the U.S?

Yes, Just login or sign up with ExpressVPN and connect with your local server location and enjoy UFC PPV events online.

What time is the UFC pay per view start?

UFC pay per view event always starts at 9:00 p.m. ET/ 7:00 p.m. PT

This gives an opportunity to all the individuals interested to watch an event. This also enables the event organizer to make the maximum earnings out of the event as facilitation for all the individuals to watch is established.
You can purchase these events in two ways. The first is through a multi-channel television platform through a provided electronic program. The next option is through their live customer care services. The increase in pay per view users has been due to the improvement of technology. The use of video-sharing engines like YouTube has enabled users to access more pay per views videos at their most convenient time. Pay per view companies mainly supports live events because it is one of the most demanding markets around. They mainly focus on sports activates.

The history of it

The first pay per view events happened for the purpose of either sport especially boxing as well as theater events. This happened especially for those viewers who didn’t like to watch this kind of events amidst the public. At that time unlike now it was only afforded by the chosen few. The method used to do this view was the close circuit television. The first to be viewed was the boxing sport. In 1948 after this kind of watch was adopted by other events especially plays. However, pay per view came to replace this method in the 80s where there was the introduction of home television.

Ultimate fighting championship (PPV with UFC full history)

This was one of the newcomers of the pay per view watching system. This was some kind of martial art sports promotion that brought in the birth of sports promotion. However, the buys were not as it had been anticipated. This was probably due to the reality show already available. With this support from the pay per view, the popularity of this promotion grew to around 300,000 buys unlike in its previous promotion. As the years went by the UFC grew with its popularity especially with the contract signing by ESPN for the media right which gave it exclusive rights


In Canada pay per view, services are given by a number of providers. The prices range between 49-50 USD depending on what you are picking. at first, there were only three service providers for this service but as time went by many other companies invested in this business due to its great profits.

The United Kingdom and Ireland

Viewers from this place can get to view pay per view events through satellites or over the internet. The Internet has even simplified it more for the viewers. Events especially the top fights are all on the pay per view channels. The growth of this arena has seen other people join in with their shows to even increase more views.

Mainland Europe

In this part of Europe, there has been gradual growth. The first to introduce was Romania which introduced it through UPC Romania, as time went by other places like Albania through Didlab introduced pay per view events too. Other places include France and Croatia.

South America

Some of the place known for their service provider of pay per view events include Argentina through Tomeo y Competencies, Brazil, Chile through TV Futbol, Paraguay through Teledeportes and Uruguay through Ten field.

Australia and the Pacific Islands

The first people to introduce these services include Foxtel and Optus Vision which introduced them in Australia in the mid-90s. however, they mainly offer main events only. The other is the Sky Pacific which was introduced in Fiji in 2005 which really grew to other places in time