Khabib said he will return if he sees a spectacular fight at UFC 257, after a meeting with Dana White

Khabib Nurmagomedov has consented to return to the UFC again for a rematch with Conor McGregor on January 23 at UFC 257. UFC and its president Dana White addressed to the ABC television network on Saturday, at 3 pm ET at UFC Fight Island. Dana meets with Khabib in a single room without any person in attendance.

Khabib wants to back to the ring again if he sees any fighters who can beat him, he is following McGregors fight. He said in the past that he wants a challenge, he wants to meet with a fighter like him. I McGregor make something extraordinary at UFC 257, a rematch will happen again.

Khabib wins his last fight at UFC 254 against Justin Gaethje in the second round by submission last October. But a meeting with Dana Khabib has been changed his mind and decision and return to the ring by signing an agreement for a fight with McGregor.

This highly anticipated return of Khabib Nurmagomedov is yet to be confirmed, but fans have to wait for McGregor’s next fight at UFC 257.

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