How to watch UFC streams on your favorite device

Watching Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC gives you a chance to view the best and fighters of the highest level from across the globe. The UFC produces global events, a character that makes the sport enjoyable. With over 500 events held in the year 2020, a lot is waiting for you to watch from UFC. Whether you are an ESPN subscriber, we understand that you might lack background knowledge on how to watch UFC on your favorite devices. Thus, this article is an ultimate guide of how you can do it without many hustles.

If You Don’t Have ESPN+

If you don’t have an ESPN+ and want to watch UFC events but don’t know how you got nothing to fear. All you have to do is purchase UFC PPV, alongside a full year of ESPN+. That will cost you a small fee of $84.98. You can consider carrying out the purchase at For all TV-connected and mobile devices, you can use the ESPN App. Once you complete the purchases, you can enjoy all the UFC events from all corners of the world.

When you are an ESPN+ Subscriber

If you’re an ESPN+ subscriber, you can buy the latest UFC PPV using the site from this link. On the page, select Buy Now. You can save money by upgrading your payment plan for the annual plan, UFC PPV $64.99, and ESPN+ annual plan $49.99 total value for $84.98, which gives you a 25% discount. It implies that if you’re an ESPN+ subscriber, you’re a step away from enjoying the UFC on your favorite device.

Xbox One

You can use Xbox to watch UFC on ESPN+. By completing the following few steps, you will be good to go.

  • On Xbox, download and install the ESPN app.
  • Use the app to log into your ESPN+ account. If you’re not an ESPN+ subscriber, you will need to sign-up
  • Using the purchase provided by the app, purchase the event of your desires, and start the PPV.
  • Start watching the UFC PPV. Xbox allows you to enjoy the events even when you’re outside the US.

Apple TV

You can also watch UFC events on ESPN+ using the Apple TV by following the steps below;

  • On your Apple TV, install the ESPN app.
  • Use the app and log in to your ESPN+ account. If you’re not a subscriber, hit the sign-up option to register.
  • Use the app instructions to purchase events.
  • Start the PPV, and enjoy the UFC PPV.

Amazon Fire TV

Using Amazon Fire TV is not as easy as other computer-like devices. It will need you to observe the following steps;

  • Check whether you have an active ESPN+ subscription. If not, sign-up for one.
  • Selection Apps section on Amazon Fire TV,
  • Choose the sports option,
  • Click on ESPN+ option then click on download,
  • After download, open the app, on the ESPN+ section, select login.
  • Using the activation code given, log in to your account,
  • Purchase an event of interest and start the PPV to start enjoying.

Using iPhone and iPad

You can also use iPhones and iPads to watch UFC events. Do this using the following steps;

  • Install the ESPN app in your device,
  • Open the app and click on the ESPN+ option,
  • Scroll downwards, look out for UFC,
  • Purchase the event, and start the PPV. Now you can enjoy all fights that you enjoy from the list provided.

Roku streaming player and Roku TVs

If you have a Roku streaming player or TV, you can also enjoy UFC events from personal comfort. The following steps will help you achieve the goal without much stress;

  • First, down and install the ESPN app on the Roku device you’re using,
  • Use your ESPN+ account to log in. If you’re not a subscriber, hit the sign-up option,
  • Purchase the events of interest and start the PPV to enjoy the UFC fights available.

Android and Android TV

Android TV, like the Amazon Fire TV, features some additional steps that make it less preferable. These include;

  • Start by downloading and installing the ESPN App into your Android TV,
  • Use the app to open and login to your ESPN+ account. If yet to subscribe, hit the sign-up tab,
  • At the right corner, select settings, ESPN+ subscriptions, subscribe, restore, and then set up the account button. That will give a chance to complete the activation process.
  • Purchase your preferred events, and start the PVC to enjoy accessible UFC fights.

Samsung Smart TV

Similar to Amazon Fire TV and Android TV, there are extra steps to follow if you want to use Samsung Smart TV.

  • First, download, install and start the ESPN app on your smart TV,
  • Hit the setting option, subscriptions, then account login,
  • Activate the subscription using, Enter the code received on the TV and hit continue.
  • Purchase events and use the ESPN+ credentials provided to start enjoying UFC PPVs.


Finally, you can use Chromecast to watch UFC on ESPN+ subscriptions. It functions similarly as Xbox one using the following steps;

  • Download and install the Google Home app, or follow setup instructions,
  • Visit in your Chrome browser
  • Use the app to open your ESPN+ subscription. Hit sign-up if you are not a member
  • Purchase the events of interest using the app provided instructions, start the PPV, and enjoy the UFC fights available.

Being in a position to enjoy the UFC is a fantastic experience. It gives you a chance to spend your free time in a quality and engaging way. If you have wondered how to watch UFC on your favorite device, the above list gives you more than enough methods. Try them, and you will find something that suits your desires fully.

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