How to watch UFC 254 streaming live on iPhone and iPad

Watching Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje fights is one of the most fantastic experiences that one can have in sports history. In 2020, UFC 254 is among the most awaited events globally, and missing it is not a thing you will love. The event will happen on October 31, 2020, later this year. It is possible you don’t have a smart TV, a laptop, or a desktop and wondering “how to stream UFC 254 on iPhone & iPad.” If this is you, landing on this page will be the best thing for you today. This article is an ultimate guide on how to go about the process and guide how to access the fight outside the US.

How to watch UFC 254 through ESPN+ on iPhone/iPad

iPhones and iPads are among the most popular devices used across the globe. If this is the only option you have to watch UFC 254, consider following the few steps provided below;

  • Download and install the ESPN app
  • Go to App Store software on your device,
  • Using the search box, enter ESPN, click on “get,” and then, “Install.”
  • Use the password or ID provided to complete the download.
  • Launch the ESPN and log in to your ESPN account. If you are not a member, hit the “sign-up” option.
  • Purchase the event UFC 254, start the PPV, and then tune in and enjoy the UFC 254 activity.

When you don’t have an account?

Nothing makes any sporting activity unique than having access to high-quality videos at a low price. ESPN offers among the best deals to its subscribers. The pricing strategy by ESPN is different based on whether a person has a subscription or not.

How much does the UFC 254 pay-per-view cost?

If you are a new subscriber, click here to bundle and save. The link will offer you a 25% discount for $84.98. It will allow new users to purchase UFC PPV at $64.99 alongside an ESPN+ annual subscription at $49.99. That is a huge deal and an excellent way to go as a starter.

What if I have an ESPN+ Account?

If you have an ESPN+ subscription, you have a chance to purchase the newest UFC Pay-Per-View using this link. Once on the page, choose the “Buy Now” option. As an existing user, you can upgrade a monthly subscription to an annual plan. That will save you 25% when you choose “upgrade and buy” when you’re logged in.

Note: Whether you’re a new user or had an ESPN subscription before, the auto-renew event will take place after a year at the set prices.

Watching UFC 254 outside the US

Outside the US, ESPN blocks its content from view. It implies that, under regular circumstances, you cannot watch UFC fights unless when you live within the US territories. If this is your case, you will need to work extra harder. One of the best options is to change your VPN server. That will allow you to have access to UFC Fight Pass or use Sling TV. Changing the VPN gives you a chance to appear as if you live within the US. The requirement is that your VPN server must be in the US. That will give it unlimited bandwidth and high speed. That way, you will be in a position to experience the best experience while streaming.

ExpressVPN is one of the best service providers that you can consider for the task. Before purchasing their services, make sure to read through their terms and conditions of operations. Click here to learn more about ExpressVPN. That will help you understand their way of operations, thus reducing the chances of misunderstanding the process. Note that, ExpressVPN is not a service that supports illegal activities. It is a service provider that you can rely on for all your VPN services if you are not a US resident.

Why you can not watch UFC 254 stream on iPhone & iPad with a VPN?

Your iPhone or iPad has GPS which determine the current location. A VPN can hide your IP address, not your GPS. ESPN+ has a content restriction policy outside the US region. This is why you can not watch UFC 254 live stream on iPhone and iPad with a VPN outside the US.

It goes without arguing that watching any of the UFC events will give you the best experience that you cannot imagine. If you wondered “how to watch UFC 254 on the iPhone and iPad,” reading the steps above will guide you through the whole process. The article is also helpful in how you can access UFC fights while you’re outside the US. With the above discussion, you have the reason to relax, with an assurance that by using your iPhone or iPad, you will view the UFC 254 events.

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