UFC live stream, How to watch every Fight Night PPV events online from anywhere

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the biggest MMA promotion and home of the best fighters and events in the world. The UFC events are broadcasted all around the globe and there are many ways you watch them both online and through cable networks.

And for the fans outside the US, the UFC has dealt with various TV networks and streaming platforms that have the license to broadcast their events.

In this article, we will bring you all you need to know on how to watch live or on-demand UFC matches outside the United States.

If you live outside the US or you are on vacation, don’t worry. The following online platforms and TV networks got you covered.

How to Watch Live UFC If You Are Not Based In the US

First of all, we must say it is not easy to watch UFC events outside of the US. This is mainly because the best streaming and cable services are available in the US only. Yet, there are plenty of other cable networks that have the license to broadcast the UFC events in other countries. And we have covered them all in our list below.
But, what about those countries in which you can’t watch the UFC on cable networks or stream them online? Even though it may sound like a big problem, it isn’t. All you need to watch UFC fights in these or other countries is a good VPN service.

For the ones who don’t know, VPN services allow you to change your IP address and get a new location in the US for instance. Setting your new IP address in the US allows you to watch the fights on ESPN+ or other platforms that cover the UFC in the US.

How to Stream UFC Events Online Outside the US

Match TV

Previously known as Russia 2, MatchTV is the streaming platform and the most popular way to watch UFC events FOR FREE. Yes, you read that well. Match TV allows you to watch the entire Fight Night or pay-per-view events for free.

But, this comes at a certain price as Match TV services are available only for Russian residents. But you can still get access to the platform with the help of the VPN services and here is how:

  • Find the best VPN services online (ExpressVPN for instance)
  • Download the VPN app and log in
  • Choose the Russian server from the list and click connect
  • Open your internet browser once you are connected to the Russian server
  • Go to the Matchtv.ru/on-air once the UFC event starts
  • Enjoy the UFC fights for free

How to watch the UFC on MatchTV on PS4, XBOX ONE or APPLE TV

You can watch the UFC fights for free on MatchTV using the PS4 and Xbox ONE console or Apple TV. Even though MatchTV services are available in Russia only, you can avoid this by setting up smart DNS on your device. Here is how you can do it:

  • Find the smart DNS using VPN services like Surfshark
  • Configure smart DNS on your PS4, Xbox or Apple TV
  • Connect to the Russian server
  • Use the browser to go the MatchTV website
  • Enjoy the UFC fights for free

Roku TV

There are many UFC fans that prefer to watch their favorite fights using the Roku device. This is because you can use Roku devices to watch the UFC events from any part of the world through the ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass streaming platforms.

Roku players are not expensive and the price is at around $29.99 price and they support all standard devices. Further, they are easy to use and for this price, you also get a ton of free content.

If you are outside of the United States, here is how you can watch the UFC events using Roku Device:

  • Go to the UFC Fight Pass and order the event you want to watch
  • Setup your Roku TV and install the UFC app
  • Log in with your UFC Fight Pass account credentials
  • Enjoy the UFC fights

How to Watch UFC Events in Australia

The UFC has a large fan base in Australia and some of the best MMA fighters in the world are coming from the land down under. Thus, there are many ways you can watch live events in Australia both streaming online and on TV.

Kayo Sports (Online)

Kayo Sports is an online streaming platform and an ESPN partner in Australia. It is the best online services to watch live UFC events and it offers some of the great packages too:

• Basic package comes at the $25 per month and it allows you to stream the UFC matches on two screens.

• Premium package will cost you $35 per month and it allows you to stream the UFC events on up to three devices which is great.

Out of the two packages, we suggest you should choose the premium one because it offers multi-screen support. This means that you can split the price between your friends or family and pay much less. And, let’s not forget that Kayo offers a 14 day trial period.

MainEvent.au (Online)

MainEvent is a great streaming platform for all the fans of combat sports action. It covers all the UFC events, including the pay-per-view ones as well as other combat sports events. Since MainEvent is a part of the Foxtel TV network, you can also watch the UFC events on TV.

The concept of MainEvent is a bit different as there’s no monthly subscription. Instead, you choose the event you want to watch and place the order. All UFC events come at around $54 price. To place an order, you need to do the following things:

  • Go to the MainEvent website here
  • Select the event you want to watch and click on Order Now
  • Use your Foxtel online login and follow the prompts

How to watch UFC events in the UK and Ireland

UK and Ireland are the homes of the largest European MMA fan base. The official broadcaster of the UFC events in both the UK and Ireland is the BT sport. And this network offers some great stuff.

For instance, you can watch entire UFC Fight Night events on BT Sport as standard without paying extra money. And BT Sport also includes the early and official prelims you can also watch for free. This is really one of the best offers in the world.

Further, BT Sport has its own online streaming service so you can watch the fights online on their website or via the BT Sport app. Now, the best thing about it is it comes at a very good price.

To watch the UFC events, you must subscribe and pay around $32 per month which is a really good deal. The pay per view events will cost you extra money, around $65 for a single event.

How to Watch UFC in Germany

The UFC fans from Germany can stream UFC events online at very cheap rates using DAZN service. Streaming on DAZN is not free and you must have an active subscription to watch the UFC events.

Their package comes at the 11.99 EUR per month ($14) or you can save money by choosing an annual option that will cost you 120 EUR ($140).

The best thing about DAZN is that their streaming service includes all the UFC events. So you don’t need to pay extra money to watch pay-per-view events which is awesome.

How to Watch UFC Events in Arabia

The UFC is getting more and more popular in Arabia. And now, there are services that offer you to watch live UFC events for a very good price. In 2019, Abu Dhabi Media launched the streaming service called “UFC Arabia”. This is the first-ever Arabian streaming platform in the MENA region.

The platform offers one simple package. You can subscribe for $4.99 per month or get two months free by choosing an annual option that comes at $49.99 price. All new users will get a 30-day free trial period. And you can stream the UFC events on all mobile, tablet and PC devices.

For this price, you will also get access to all UFC events as well as a great content library which you can watch in Arabic or English language.

How to Watch UFC Events in Canada

The UFC fans from Canada have some great options on how to watch live UFC events both on TV and Online. If you are looking to watch the pay-per-view events on television, you can do it through major cable networks and the price is usually around $64.99 per event:

  • Bell Canada
  • Rogers Network
  • Shaw
  • Telus
  • Eastlink

When it comes to online streaming, you can watch the fights on UFC Fight Pass like in other countries. The subscription will cost you around CAD 10 per month, and you can watch the pay-per-view events for CAD 64.99.
You can also watch the prelims on TSN Sports Network that has the license to broadcast the UFC prelims in Canada.

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How to Watch Live UFC Events in New Zealand

UFC fans from New Zealand can watch all UFC live events on Sky Arena. And the pay-per-view events come at a reasonable price of $39.95 which is much less than in most of the other countries.

Sky offers various packages depending on your interest. But to watch the UFC events, you must choose the Sky Sports package that will cost you $31.99 per month.

The other option is to subscribe to the UFC Fight Pass for $9.99 per month. This allows you to watch the early prelims for free and order UFC Fight Night or pay per view events. And you also get hundreds of hours of MMA action and on-demand content.

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