Dana confirms Khabib vs Ferguson could happen after Justin Gaethje, date, location

Khabib Nurmagomedov (28-0) vs Tony Ferguson (26-4) is a fight that Dana White, the UFC president, has lined up five different times since 2015. In all instances, the fight line ups have been futile due to different reasons. Dana recently said to the press conference after the UFC fight night 4, He said, “this fight will happen soon could be after Justin Gaethje, fans want this fight.” Here’s everything you need to know

Khabib vs Ferguson Fighting Chances

The initial lineup in 2015 was called off after Khabib pulled out because of a rib injury. The two were lined up again in 2016 but this time it was Ferguson who backed out due to issues with his lungs.

In 2017, Khabib withdrew from another one of the line ups between the two having kidney issues.

The fourth line up in UFC 223 saw Ferguson pull out a torn knee ligament after tripping over a cable. Al Iaquinta was brought in as Ferguson’s replacement. Khabib defeated him to claim his first Lightweight Championship title.

The latest attempt for the fight to take place which was scheduled to happen in April 2020 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At this moment both fighters we ready to face off. Khabib had to fly back to Russia.

Ferguson had to face Justin Gaethje instead who was a contender for Ferguson’s Interim Championship belt. Justin Gaethje won. This did not deter the fans to still want to have a Khabib vs Ferguson fight for the lightweight Ultimate Champion title.

Regardless, Dana White and fans remain optimistic that the fight will happen after the title bout between Nurmagomedov and Gaethje set to take place on October 24th, 2020 at UFC 254.

Why Khabib vs Ferguson is so special?

Khabib, The Eagle, has had a destructive and dominant career (28-0). He defended his title back in 2918 against Conor McGregor in UFC 229 in quite a showdown. Four years later Nurmagomedov defended his title again against Dustin Poirier in a destructive performance.

Tony Ferguson (26-4) is the favorite to pull off a win against Khabib Nurmagomedov and claim the title. In October 2013 is when he got back on a winning track. He makes his opponents bleed.

In 2017 Ferguson became the Interim Champion in the UFC lightweight division. He defended his Interim Championship belt three times.

Tony Ferguson has proved he is one of the best after coming from an injury and getting onto the same level as McGregor and Nurmagomedov. At UFC 238 he won against Cowboy Cerrone in the second round via a TKO. He also went on to defeat the likes of Josh Thompson and Edson Barboza.

The fight between the two is so special because the two have been on a collision course for a long time and the fight happening is just a matter of time. They have been training for each other for years.

Dana White’s Plan

UFC president, Dana White, admits to wanting to line up the two for the sixth time. He however has fears of the bout falling out for the sixth time.

This is one of the easiest fights to make for Dani White because of the hype around it and the cash it could bring him.

UFC and it’s president Dana White confirms to the UFC press conference Khabib vs Ferguson could happen and will be announced soon when it is officially confirmed. Dana White said if Khabib beats Gaethje he’d get Ferguson another fight and organize for a line up between the two during this time.

When and where is Khabib vs Ferguson, how to watch, TV channel

What: UFC (TBD) Khabib vs Ferguson
Date: Saturday (TBD)
Start time: 11:45 pm ET
Location: TBD
TV channel: ESPN+ PPV
Online streaming: Watch ESPN Online

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