Tony Ferguson vs Dustin Poirier Fight Analysis – A Head to Toe Breakdown

If we take UFC President’s (Dane White) word, fight fans are in for a great treat this October. Dana White hinted that the fight between top lightweight contestants Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson to determine the next challenger for the UFC Lightweight title might occur on UFC 254. The fight is scheduled to co-main event the fight card headlined by Interim Champion Justin Gaethje and defending champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The UFC President said UFC matchmakers are in the works to put together this explosive lightweight matchup. Because many UFC events are lined for the coming weeks, this fight’s date is subject to massive speculation among UFC fans. Unfortunately, it’s highly likely that fans won’t be up for an all five-round action pack due to the jam-packed upcoming schedule.

Although it might be only a three-round matchup, the thought of having Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson steps onto the ring together is a thriller to most fans. If this should come to pass, we should expect the UFC 254 to be among the top-selling pay-per-views.

When asked if the Tony Ferguson vs Dustin Poirier could go down at UFC 254, during the week’s edition of Dana White Contender Series, he responded by- ‘probably.’ We interpret this statement to confirm that this matchup is being booked for October. Even though it is not official, we think it’s just a matter of time before the UFC makes an official announcement.

What kind of fighter is Dustin Poirier? 

The American Professional UFC MMA fighter, popularly known as ‘The Diamond’, is a favorite of many UFC fans. Poirier’s won twenty-six of his matches, only losing six. He is the fighter who’s always in for a stand-up match.

Poirier is complete with his striking game, from kicks, elbows, punches, to knees- he lands lethal strikes, enough to bring his opponent to the ground. In his four-time winning streak, he’s taken out some of the best strikers in the game, including Justin Gaethje, Max Holloway, Eddie Alvarez, and Antony Pettis.

Poirier has excellent defense and staunch wrestling techniques. gives him a 69% defense rate against takedowns. Even though he loves working on his feet more, you won’t catch him off-guard on the floor. As for submissions, he’s done it six times in the past. Poirier is to be feared for his solid armbar, chokes, and slick triangle.

What kind of fighter is Tony Ferguson?

Tony Ferguson, also referred to as ‘El Cucuy’ by his fans, is currently one of the game’s best fighters. MMA fans know Ferguson for his unorthodox training, including hitting steel bars with his knees and elbows. On the ring, he combines jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai fighting skills. He’s one of the toughest and most aggressive fighters and quite relentless, with great cardio to back it up.

Like Poirier, Ferguson is a great stand-up fighter. He switches his stances swiftly to confuse his opponents. Moreover, he has a great wrestling background, having contested successfully in collegiate ranks. Ferguson is not shy using his wrestling techniques to bring his opponents to the floor and manipulate them from there.

Ferguson is not the kind of fighter whose energy dies out in the first rounds. Thanks to his endurance, he can quickly drain an opponent’s power while on the ground. El Cucuy has nine submission wins to his name, executed at the top levels of this sport. In fact, three of his last seven fights were wins through submission.

Dustin Poirier’s X-Factor

Dustin Poirier is the all-round fighter and a tough guy, for that matter. He is very swift with his strikes and knows how to defend himself when under pressure. He might take some shots here and there but expect him to fight back with combined knees and kicks. Moreover, Poirier is good with his locks and chokes. Once on the ring, all UFC fans expect from Poirier is sheer violence.

Dustin Poirier was back on a winning streak before suffering the submission loss under Khabib Nurmagomedov, last year, on UFC 242. This hinted matchup between him and Tony Ferguson is the perfect chance to land an opportunity to compete for the UFC Lightweight title for a second time.

Tony Ferguson’s X-Factor

Ferguson might be the only fighter in the sport who can successfully switch from preparing for an aggressive wrestler such as Nurmagomedov to a lethal striker like Justin Gaethje. He’s the all-round fighter, who’s not ranked as the number one contender in the lightweight division for nothing, but excellent fighting skills.

Once in the octagon, expect Ferguson to come to adapt to whoever he is facing. Ferguson will go all the way to put pressure on Poirier and counter it with something unexpected if Poirier strikes back. If the match goes as hinted, Tony Ferguson will be stepping onto the ring for the second time in a match to determine the UFC Lightweight contender. In May, on UFC 249, he suffered a surprise loss against Justin Gaethje, who will be headlining the UFC 254. The loss might serve a great X-factor is these ‘upcoming’ matchup.

Who will win odds and prediction?

Both fighters have recently suffered losses in their career. However, Ferguson’s loss might still be fresh in his mind as it occurred in May, unlike Poirier’s; last year. Were it not for that loss, Ferguson would be headlining the UFC 254. How do you think that makes him feel? We think Ferguson will have the upper hand as he tries to reclaim what he lost.

Aside from that X-factor, we still put our bet on ‘El Cucuy’ this time. Generally, he is a renowned fighter who’s been at the sport’s highest levels for a long time. Ferguson’s unorthodox fighting style, relentless aggressiveness, and great cardio are other factors we consider.

On our side, we don’t think Poirier can matchup what Ferguson might bring to the ring. Even though we know he can defend well, he will have difficulty leveling Ferguson’s energy and speed in switching stances. Nonetheless, Poirier may have a good time if the fight is not net for an all five-round matchup but only three rounds.

That said, let’s wait and see what happens in the coming weeks. A Tony Ferguson vs Dustin Poirier would be quite a thriller to UFC fans, so let’s hope they give it to us.

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